I strive to bring authenticity, compassion and genuine curiosity to my work. Psychodynamic and Feminist Theories inform my approach. 

Psychodynamic Therapy works with the unconscious—powerful feelings, thoughts and motivations that operate outside of our awareness. It also considers how early experiences shape us and act as a template for our current experiences. 

Feminist Therapy looks at social, cultural and political structures that shape how we feel and function. It strives to dismantle oppression both structurally and individually through increased awareness and empowerment.

Both Psychodynamic and Feminist therapies view the treatment relationship as a place where a more healthy, egalitarian relationship can be built.


I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development. I have received intensive training, and seek ongoing learning, in Psychodynamic and Anti-Oppression Frameworks. I’m a member of The Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study and WA State Society for Clinical Social Work.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Washington. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Michigan State University, 2008) and a Master of Social Work (Loyola University Chicago, 2010).