Virtual Movement/Breath Groups

MOVE. FEEL. CHOOSE. REPEAT.pexels-polina-tankilevitch-3735472

Wednesdays 4-5p. 4 week series. Contact me for more info or to register.

Jan/Feb ’21 Series: 1/20, 1/27, 2/10, 2/17

March ’21 Series: 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31

A virtual movement and breath group based in trauma sensitive yoga and foundational dance. Each group will begin with quiet breathing and stretching and then explore music and movement to practice accessing our body’s innate ability to regulate.

DROP-IN: MIDDAY BREATHING & MOVING. pexels-ketut-subiyanto-44736083580212263877002449.jpg

Wednesdays 1-2p. 1/month drop-in group. Registration closes 24 hours before group.
Contact me for more info or to register.
January 20 2021
February 10 2021
March 10 2021

A virtual movement and breath group based in trauma sensitive yoga. A great lunchtime recharge. Each group will consist of quiet breathing and stretching.


Great addition to individual therapy, to increase emotional regulation.

No Prior Movement/Yoga/Dance experience required.

All sessions take place online.

Fee. Sliding scale based on self-assessed access to resources, $20-$40/session. Secure, electronic payments can be made through Zelle.

Registration. Your registration is complete once we talk and I receive your payment.

How to Self-Assess Your Access To Resources:

Consider paying less on the scale if you:

  • have significant debt
  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • receive public assistance
  • have little/no extended family financial support
  • are an unpaid public servant
  • are unemployed

Consider paying more on the scale if you:

  • own the home you live in
  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • travel recreationally
  • have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • work part time by choice
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)

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