Young Women’s Consciousness Building Group



Depression, anxiety, confidence, relationships. These are the most common challenges I hear among young women who seek therapy. Women in our culture are socialized to struggle with these things. In my practice, I find it powerful to talk with clients about internalized sexism, power and privilege. Through this group, I want to bring women together to discuss their struggles. I believe this will reduce their shame and isolation and allow them to disentangle themselves from oppressive messages.

  • 5 week series. Thursdays 5-6:15p, $35 each* 
  • Focus on common areas of mental healthy difficulty for women & how these interact with societal messaging about gender
  • Podcasts, articles and other media will guide our critical thinking and emotional processing
  • Mindfulness exercises will promote coping skills, emotional tolerance and self care

Are you a good fit for this group? Group members should display self awareness and be curious about others emotion experiences. It is recommended that you’ve done your own emotional work (likely through current or previous individual therapy) in order to participate in this group. I conduct individual consultation/assessments with all potential members to determine fit.

Upcoming Series, contact me to register or learn more

May 2, 5 Thursdays, 5-6:15p

June 13, 5 Thursdays (no meeting on 7/4), 5-6:15p

August 1, 5 Thursdays, 5-6:15p


$175 ($35/session) for the 5 week series ($210 for the 6 week series).

Please ask about a reduced fee if you have financial limitations.

*I accept some insurance plans:

  • First Choice Health
  • Premera
  • Out of Network–I can provide documentation to help you seek reimbursement through your insurance company.