Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy, teens and adults

A great place to begin the practice of honest self inquiry and vulnerability with someone who’s trained to provide challenging feedback. I assist clients in understanding the meaning of their difficulties in order to help alleviate them. We work to understand the many factors, internal and external, that perpetuate emotional pain—family of origin dynamics, unconscious beliefs/patterns and systems of oppression.

Areas of focus:

Identity development

Intimacy in Relationships

Self Esteem and Body Image                          

Power, Privilege and Systems of Oppression


My fee is $115 per 50 minute session ($145 for intake assessment).

I offer a reduced fee for those with financial limitations.

I accept some insurance companies:

  • First Choice Health
  • Premera
  • Out of Network–I can provide documentation to help you seek reimbursement through your insurance company.